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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Create Your Own BlackBerry

You can create your own BlackBerry-like ability in your smart-phone, Palm, iPaq and other PDAs. All you need is registering your account, purchasing a very cheap software, and you can push your Emails to your mobile device. As fast as SMS reach you on the go!

With a new Email Push solution for Communicator 9500 and 9300, the Nokia Communicator is becoming a real competitor to the Connected Organizer Blackberry from Research in Motion (RIM).

Until now, the user had to manually start the email transmission into their Communicator -- and it called as a pull-mail. But true push-mail is seen as the key to the impressive success of the proprietary Blackberry solution and has made the Blackberry to the gadget of choice for many managers.

But after managers are already enjoying expensive Email Push solutions based on proprietary solutions, Space2go, a Berlin-based company, has brought this service to the consumer world.

For individual use, you can choose Office2go service. To set up your own office2go account, just click the "Registration" button in the company's website. You can test the service for 30 days free-of-charge and then decide if you would like to continue using the service at 19,95 Euro annually!

I've already tried this service using my Communicator 9500. Here are the steps to make your push email works:

1. Register yourself at Space2go website. This account can be used to enter your Space2go web panel to manage your account.

2. Please make sure the GPRS connection in your 9500 is active.

3. You can ask the Space2go support team to send you the trial version of software you need (because there are no open URL address to download it) and download it into your 9500.

4. Install it and make a few of setting such as SyncML-Server: //sync.space2go.
com/sync/ml.dll, company code: 100, put your Space2go's user name and password and choosing the GPRS point access.

5. The Push Email interface will appeare on the screen. There are two columns: Email Push status and Sync Profile status. In the the left-bottom side, you can see the status from "connecting to Update Status: Completed OK".

6. Log in to Space2go web panel by using your registered account. You can forward any other Emails to or simply fetching your external Emails into this account.

7. Please try to send an email to your Space2go account as well as to other emails that you choose to forward to. If your Communicator rings was just like getting an SMS message, please check your Inbox and if you found an incoming email (that you already sent) instead of SMS, it means your Push Email is working! So you have your own BlackBerry right now!

According to my opinion, this is a very interesting and easy software to use. My colleague was also suggested me to try other similar softwares like Blue Inbox and Chattermail. I am sure that there are many wonderfull choices out there to make your Push Email come true.